Brand Identity

Branding is truly more than a pretty logo, it is an experience. It is the feelings that your audience associates with you when they see your name appear on their feed. It is the quality of your products, the voice used throughout your communication channels and the unique vision that only you can bring. 

Through my in depth process, I will uncover the core values of your business and translate them into comprehensive and professional visuals that will create emotional connections to your brand. 

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Website design

Your website should be the hub of your business. It should be the one place of the internet that is yours, where you can showcase all your best content and bring your brand and values to life. 

Using a responsive template from Squarespace I will customise it to suit your needs and create you a beautiful website. This website will connect directly to your audience, convert leads to sales and make you truly stand out in the crowd. 

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Why Squarespace? 



Sometimes you need an outside voice for guidenace or help and I'm here to offer that to you! It's hard starting out your own business and I want to be a sound board to help you bring your dreams to life. 

Throughout your business journey it can so easy to get lost and unsure of what to do next. I offer sessions to objectively listen to your struggles and give you action steps to follow.

Milli has made the whole process so enjoyable that it didn’t feel difficult at all. Having already finished the whole project with very happy results, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner! I can see myself coming back for any branding I might need in the future and can’t wait to work with Milli again. I am a very happy and satisfied client!
— Mindy Sato | Heartsongcalligraphy

Ready to invest in yourself? 

I love nothing more than connecting with passionate creatives who are ready to bring their visions to life. I'm super excited to hear about your project and very honoured to be considered part of your process. I am currently available for client work so feel free to get in touch and I'll respond as soon as possible.