Heartsong Calligraphy - Branding Project Case Study

I am incredibly excited to share this blog post with you all today. This week's post is an in-depth case study into my first ever client project which was for my dear friend Mindy. Mindy is a sweet young lady living in Japan who has a passion for calligraphy. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for over a year and following along her journey. I wanted to collaborate with her to take her calligraphy from a hobby into a business and she happily accepted! I strongly urge you to check out her work here on Instagram, it truly is beautiful! 

To start off the project, Mindy enthusiastically went through all the value discovery steps of my process and through this I was able to pull out a style, vibe and idea of the visual direction for her branding. We decided the keywords to describe her branding would be: elegant, flowy and feminine and through this, I created her mood board.

At this stage, I was very excited for the project and Mindy was too! This step helped Mindy solidify her brand colours and we decided the main colours would be centred around Mint and Grey. Once the mood board was complete I then began conceptualising logo designs for her.  

Mindy's favourite choice was concept 1 and I experimented with it further by adding more flow and trying over various font cases and styles. 

Ultimately, Mindy decided on using the original design for the main logo. After this step, I moved onto creating her brand board which showcases her main & secondary logos, brand colours, fonts and visual style. 

After this stage, I then designed Mindy's collateral items (business cards, social media header and stickers) and website. Mindy's website was designed with the goal of being an extended portfolio of her work. 

Mindy's Thoughts

My calligraphy feels more like a business rather than a hobby thanks to this branding. It has given me confidence in my work and the services I provide. I’m so happy that I now have a website and Facebook page that I can direct people to!

Milli has made to whole process so enjoyable that it didn’t feel difficult at all and I can’t wait to work with Milli again. I am a very happy and satisfied client!
— Mindy Sato | Heartsong Calligraphy