MilliBermanCo - Branding Project Case Study

To kick off my new website and jump into freelancing I decided that it was time for me to create some fresh new branding for myself and my business. Doing this project has been so enjoyable and I really cannot wait to do more projects like this one in the future for other business owners and bring their brands to life! 

To start off, I began brainstorming a list of keywords that I wanted to use to describe my brand. The words I came up with were: modern, feminine, clean, friendly, and fun. After that, I then went onto Pinterest, created a secret board and began to gather a huge range of images that reflected the brand style I had in mind. Through doing this I then created this mood board.  

Creating this mood board gave me a very strong visual foundation for my brand and I got clarity on the colour palette, font types and overall style and direction I wanted my brand to go in. Once this was complete, I then went to sketching and working up concepts for my logo and these were my three strongest ones.

Initially, I decided to go with the third logo design since I felt it was the most iconic and versatile out the three. However, I also felt that my first concept could work well in similar environments so I decided that I would go with concept 1 & 3 and use them interchangeably throughout my branding. After deciding on this I then worked up the brand board to decide on the font choice, style and brand colours. 


Once I had created this I went in depth and created a set of brand guidelines for myself so that I know how to utilise my branding to its full potential. You can check them out here if you're interested. After this, I then designed a range of collateral items including some business cards, greetings cards and stickers. 

 I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my process! If you're interested in having me design a logo or brand identity for your business contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you!